AMEC Developments Limited
Branding and marketing for a stunning new fashion-led retail and leisure centre for the people of Bremen
Waterfront Bremen Shopping Centre

Shops, restaurants and cafés, all under one roof and with spectacular views of the river, will provide an exciting new shopping and leisure experience – with free car parking included. Waterfront is already home to a 10 screen multiplex cinema and a 4 star hotel.

Bremen is historically a trading port and a centre for shipbuilding. Today this university city is better known for its prominence as a modern, thriving commercial center, where Mercedes Benz build luxury cars, Becks brew beer and the aerospace industry flourishes.

The task was to rebrand a much loved but unsuccessful theme park (Space Park) to its new use as a shopping and leisure destination.

Inspiration for the branding came from the City State Ensign, this maritime emblem combined perfectly with the internationally recognised name for its location - Waterfront.


Our Approach

Concept Branding  Reflecting a proud history in a new way

The role continued to include:

  • Pre launch B2B presentational material and advertising.
  • Show Suite
  • 16 Page Brochure
  • Printed Newsletters
  • Website
  • Shopping Centre Signage
  • Consumer Advertising & Branding
  • Branded Tram & Bus
  • Poster Campaigns
  • Event Posters and advertising
  • Shopping Centre Literature
  • Email Newsletters.

Waterfront Concept Brochure

Waterfront Newsletter German (Industry)

Large Format Newsletter (Public)

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