Mishka Honey Limited
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Brand Rational
Pure unpasteurised honey sourced exclusively from Siberia’s Altai region

For just a few months each year, the blanket of snow retreats from the Altai Mountains and the land is bathed in glorious sunshine. Fields and forests burst into life with blossom, welcoming the Siberian bees that work tirelessly to collect the precious nectar. No pesticides, no polluting industries, no factory production methods. This is the remote and beautiful world of Mishka honey.

Our Approach

Understanding the retail world in which the brand lives, developing a Brand Narative which supports the Honey

The role of this narrative is simply to draw together all the main strands of the story that will capture the imagination of our audience. Each strand can then be developed and expanded in various ways across all touchpoints from product packaging to the website to social media.


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