Media Zone Manchester

Central Spine Renamed First Street
Ask Developments Limited and Manchester City Council
Service Provided
6 page Advocacy Document
277 Page Bid document
Several A3 and A4 Support documents
CD with indexd digial versions of all doumentation
Digital presentations
Exhibition materials

For the development 
Pitch  documents to potential tenants 
Various Keynote Presentations  

Mediazone Manchester bid to house the BBC in the city centre

Manchester is the nation’s largest media city outside London. Media Zone Manchester, right in the city centre, plugs into a rich legacy: generations of innovators and creators, whose achievements span King Cotton, ideological and social movements, the dawn of modern computing, and world-swamping waves of media and cultural phenomena.

Manchester is about achievement.

The site was originally called Central Spine but was renamed First Street after the bid.  
We provided  the marketing and presentation collateral to aid the development of the site.


First Street Manchester iBrochure

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