Northern Soul Record Collection


A serendipitous event in Yoyogi park

Not all of these are true Northern Soul records but they are from the time.

Record Label Artist Title
Atlantic Alfie Kahn Sound Orchestra Law of the Land
Axe Rain with Charity Brown Out of my Mind
Gator Lynn Varnado Wash and Wear Love
Music Merchant Eloise Laws Love Factory
Marlu Artie Fulllove Santa claus please listen to me
Blue Book The Idle Few People thats why
MGM April Stevens Wanting you
Brunswick Adams Apples Dont take it out on this world
Sandbag The Epitome of Sound You dont love me
Delite Crown Heights Affair Dreaming a Dream
United Artists Records Barbra Pennington Twenty four hours a day
Columbia Special Products The French Fries Danse a la musique
RCA The Brothers Are you ready for this
Chess The Natural Four The devil made me do it
Capital Earl Wright Thumb a ride
Magique Toulouse Lindbergh II
Chess Radiants Hold On
ABC Records Bobby Hutton Lend a Hand
Brunswick The Cooperettes Shing Ailing
Soul Galore The sounds of lane Serenade
ABC Records The Reflections Like Adam and Eve
Grapevine Richard Popcorn Wylie Rosemary what happened
Caneil Joey Dee and the New Starlighters How can I forget
ABC Records George Clinton Please dont run from me
Black Magic Bob Relf Blowing my mind to peices
Warren Records Sam Moultrie I'll always love you
Memory Lane Sly and the Family Stone M'lady
Aliza Eddie Parker and Sunlovers You'll never make the grade
GSF Records Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you
Columbia Special Products Otis Blackwell Its all over me
Boogie Man Records The boogie man orchestra Lady Lady Lady
Revilot Records Rose Battiste Hit and run
Color World SpaceArk Do what you can do
Denine The Third Time Round Soon everythings gonna be alright
Modern Records Danny Monday Baby without you
Sping Records Garland Green Bumpin and Stompin
Tri-it Willie Brown Get out and get it
DPG Records Raw Soul The gig
KKC Jimmie Raye Philly dog around the world
In Records Eddie Foster I never knew
Chicargo Sounds Living Colour Thank the lord for love
Epic T.D. Valentine Love trap
United Artists Records Little Anthony and the Imperials Better use your head
Atlantic Archie Bell and the Drells Here I Go Again
Shout Philip Mitchell Free for All
Soul Galore Bob Wilson Sounds Strings a Go Go
ABC Records Charles Mann It's All Over
GSF Records Blanch Carter Halos are for Angels
Bee Records Jeannette Harper Put me in your pocket
Jayman Music/ Sunbury Music Life Cats Eyes
P.M Productions Mack Simmons Turning point
Chocolate City Cameo Find my way
Look Records Freddie Chavez They'll Never Know Why
Golden Wheels Records Pierre Hunt I've got to have your love
Evolution Records Larry Santos Girl you got me where you want me
Osiris Phase II The First Shot
MCA Records Lee Roye Tears
Spar Records Herbert Hunter I was born to love you
Moonsong Bill Brandon and Lorraine Johnson Let me be your full time groover
Juldane Records Stanley Woodruff and the US Trio What took you so long
Coloumbia Special Records Dana Valery You don't know where your interest lies

Northern Soul Music is one of the original sites with pages of information, playable sounds, future events, a forum with 4000+ members and regular updates. Nick has kindly allowed me to link his online music collection.

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