Petersbogen Leipzig

Reflecting a proud history in a new way

The birthplace of Wagner.
Home to Bach, Mendelssohn and to one of the world’s great universities where Goethe studied. No city has a prouder tradition than Leipzig. Now, with exciting and dramatic change happening all across the city, Petersbogen is set to play its part in a whole new tradition of visitor experience.

A stunning new development in Leipzig’s 100% prime shopping pitch, Petersbogen has beenconceived as a unique 18 hour destination, combining international and local comparison goods retailing, a cinema, restaurants, food court, a new law school and dedicated basement car parking with direct access from the perimeter Ring. Petersbogen represents Leipzig’s most important city centre development since re-unification, both in terms of scale and location.

  • 12 page oversized brochure Produced in English and German
  • Advertising

Commended at the1999 Property Marketing Awards Retail Category

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