Leopold Square

Putting the fizz into Sheffield City Centre

Bars, Restaurants & 92 Bed Hotel around a new Public Square

Ask Developments is proud to present their latest leisure production – Leopold Square, Sheffield.

Starring Ask Developments, the clever people who brought you Deansgate Locks in Manchester, this scheme is one of the most exciting leisure developments in the UK.

The scheme, featuring a stunning collection of Grade II listed Victorian school buildings, will sensitively mix the existing architecture with some new build to include an hotel, high quality bars and restaurants, all arranged around a new pedestrian public square. This will be used by the operators to provide an attractive and lively ‘spill out’ area.

A lively tong in cheek campaign to promote the the scheme as a happening destination for the leisure industry and develop buzz of anticipation in the city

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The projects marketing assets included:

  • A 6 page brochure and inserts
  • Hoardings and site branding
  • Advertising.
  • Development website
  • Branded support material digital and paper presentations