Hulme Regeneration

Hulme reasons to be cheerful Campaign

This campaign is about today’s Hulme
A Hulme that is entirely focused on the opportunities for the future. A Hulme with opportunities for businesses of all sizes and types to move into and prosper. And perhaps most important of all, the opportunity for a Hulme and its residents to enjoy a quality of life in keeping with one of Europe’s most successful cities. In today’s Hulme there are many, many reasons to be cheerful.

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The projects marketing assets included:

  • 16 Page Brochure
  • 48 Sheet poster Campaign
  • Advertising
  • Exhibition material
  • Branded support material
Heavily involved in producing the presentation collateral, documents, digital presentations and exhibitions as part of the team, the developers put together to win the project

Pitch presentation to win the above project

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