THIS Life is the name of The Health Improvement Service jointly provided by the NHS for Tameside and Glossop and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, to serve the population of approximately 245,000 people across the diverse communities of Tameside and Glossop, where there are significant pockets of multiple deprivation and health inequality.

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The key elements provided within the THIS Life service are:-

  • Weight Matters – a programme aimed at helping overweight and obese clients.
  • Health Trainers – a lifestyle coaching programme.
  • Community Development and Health Improvement – includes a variety of physical and social engagement activities (walking groups, keep fit, healthy eating, etc).
  • Mental Health Development for BME Communities – a project that aims to increase confidence among the BME communities in mental health services, through mental health promotion, anti-stigma work and education.
  • Smokefree – a service aimed at stopping people smoking.

Brand Logic and Logo

‘THIS’ is an acronym for The Health Improvement Service.

The use of the parentheses or brackets to contain or cradle the words THIS Life is intended as a visual expression of caring. The different colours represent the Individual identities of the services available from THIS Life.