Ashton Moss

Gateway to the East

For centuries men of vision have recognised the rich and varied business opportunities that lay to the East.

The challenge that had faced them was to forge effective links with their chosen markets through which goods could flow quickly and easily. Now another ‘Gateway to the East’ has been created. A gateway from the east of Manchester to the country beyond, through Ashton Moss. A new era of trading opportunity has begun.

Ashton Moss provides that opportunity, as a highly accessible major employment site strategically positioned to accommodate the requirements of local, national and international businesses.

the original ‘Gateway to the East’. The ancient trade route spanning two continents and 7000 miles. It stretched from the Mediterranean, through modern day Iran, across the roof of the world north of India and on into China. Between 100 BC and the 5th Century it carried spices and silk from China in return for gold, silver and wool from Imperial Rome.

The inspiration for the marketing concept for Ashton Moss

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The projects marketing assets included: