Graeme Home

Do you have to be a big company to have a strong brand?

The answer is no.

Any business can have a strong brand and enjoy the recognition and trust from customers or suppliers that goes with it.

I can help you create your brand, or evolve an existing one, in a way that will add real value to your business.

How big is your foot?

One of the wonders of this digital age is that even a small company can now make a loud brand noise. Stationery, sales material, shop fronts, vehicles – these and other media can all come together with your all-important website and low cost e-communications to produce a big fat branding footprint very cost-effectively.

Where do we begin?

Perhaps by considering the brand building I've already done for other people

Internationally, I created the branding for Waterfront Shopping Centre in Bremen Germany (a project on a similar scale to the Trafford Centre). This project covered centre signage, e-mail newsletters, advertising (both print and digital), 48 sheet poster sites, liveried trams and buses.

Back in this country I created the branding and signage package for the Sportcity complex at Eastlands, home of Manchester City FC (as if you needed reminding).

I have worked for clients large and small, both established and start-ups, and I have enjoyed my relationship with every one of them. After all, they give me opportunities to do what I love most. That's why I commit the same high levels of insight and creativity to all those I work with, regardless of their budget.