Rossetti Place

Live & Work in Manchester’s West End

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, British-born artist and poet, a founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement.The magnificent new Manchester Art Gallery celebrates his work, images that symbolise the beginning of a new age in art history. Appropriately,the place that takes his name defines its own new age: the first building in the city that truly blends space for work with space for living. For business it’s a unique opportunity to own one or more complete floors. For residents, it’s an exclusive opportunity to own one of the North West’s most desirable addresses. Rossetti Place, in the heart of Manchester’s West End

The projects marketing assets included:

Picture yourself as part of it.

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The projects marketing assets included:

  • 20 page positioning brochure containing two further brochures
  • 20 page residential insert
  • 12 page office insert
  • Individual exhibition panels for both residential & offices
  • Advertising
  • Show suite graphic
  • Hoardings
  • Website
  • Branded support material digital and paper presentations

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