Ask Corporate Brochure

Ask does things differently.

Ask apply reverse logic to the conventional way of delivering property development. That is because they believe their industry is undergoing radical change. It is bringing forward more challenging projects as the renewal process gathers pace. It is demanding people who think laterally; people who approach the process upside down, who look at projects from the inside out and turn conventional thinking on its head. People who start at the end, who see the big picture and never lose sight of the single biggest objective create places for people.

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This casebound brochure was designed to reflect this philosophy, both visually and physically. Each spread rotates though 90 degrees forcing the reader to turn the book accordingly

The photography was shot on location using a troop of acrobats. Although the final images are heavily photoshopped for style, the poses are all genuine achieved by the performers' acrobat skill and perseverance in such challenging locations.

Only the ask logo was shot in a studio. The individual characters are as the acrobats created them. The final logo was then put together in photoshop.